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Welcome to the Gene Wolfe Literary Podcast

Welcome to the Gene Wolfe Literary Podcast, an audio book-club exploring the works of SF master Gene Wolfe one story at a time. We won't begin publishing episodes until later in the year, but we wanted to give listeners (the Wolfe Pack, if you will) an opportunity to read ahead of time. Our first three episodes will cover "Trip, Trap," "House of Ancestors," and "The Changeling." We hope you'll read along with us and join the conversation on the Claytemple Forums. We're excited to hear from you and to have you join us on this wondrous journey.

Follow this link to listen to our introductory episode.

The stories we'll be covering for several years will come from the following collections:

In early 2018, we'll read Wolfe's first novel, Operation Ares, and we'll be joined by renowned Wolfe scholar Marc Aramini for our wrap-up discussion.

To find out when we begin publishing episodes, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for our newsletter.

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