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Brandon and Glenn visit the very first Conan story!

​Which Game of Thrones character has the best curve-ball? Who are the sluggers, and who's the smartest base-runner? Find out as Glenn and Elizabeth draft a baseball team from the characters of the second season of Game of Thrones.

Ugly bags of mostly water! Valerie and Glenn take a look at a classic Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, talk about the definition of "life," enjoy one of the few times the writers get Deanna Troi right, and invent a new cocktail.

​Valerie and Brandon celebrate an Elizabethan feast with the residents of Stars Hollow.

​Brandon and Glenn talk about grief and the digital age in this masterpiece SF story by John Crowley.

​Glenn and Brandon talk about religion and science in the original SF disaster story.

Valerie and Glenn discuss the surrealist western episode of Star Trek: The Original Series.

Brandon and Glenn talk about the Malthusian trap and the aesthetics of art in this synical classical.

Glenn and Valerie smash up some store fronts and invent a cocktail just for Giles.

Brandon and Glenn talk about what makes a good pilot as they dissect the first-aired episode of the much-missed classic space western.

Valerie and Glenn get into the questionable choices of Captain Janeway as they gush all over the Voyager pilot.

Glenn and Brandon discuss free will, identity, and all the robots in this gem of a story.

​Glenn and Elizabeth draft characters from the first season of Game of Thrones and argue about which positions they should play. Is it the nerdiest thing ever? Yes. Is it awesome? Double Yes.

Brandon and Glenn dive into Lovecraft's early attempt at aquatic horror.

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