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Thank you for supporting our work!

There are seven ways you can help support our projects:

  1. Tell someone about us and why you love what we do. Word-of-mouth is the best way to build our community of readers and listeners.

  2. Review our stories, books, and podcasts wherever you purchase or download.

  3. Become a patron on Patreon. We write and record in our spare time because we love it, but there are considerable expenses and every bit of fan support helps. By becoming a patron, you receive access to our exclusive bonus content, you get to help choose what we cover on our shows, and you even get a monthly postcard.

  4. Shop through our Amazon affiliate page. Products cost the same, but we get a small percentage of the sale which we can use to offset our operating costs. If you're reading along with us, purchasing the books this way would be a tremendous help.

  5. Commission a special podcast episode. See our Episode Commission Page. Patreon patrons receive a discount.

  6. Volunteer your services. We would love to have a better website and to put a (better) logo on merchandise, but we don't have the resources to hire designers. If you're a designer and would like to help us out, please contact us -- we'd love to hear from you!

  7. Donate. We strongly encourage you to become a patron so you can gain access to all the great rewards we offer, but we will gladly receive Paypal donations. Thank you so much!

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