Goodbye to All That
Finally home from the war, Paul Henslowe finds a new purpose when a woman enlists him in her quest to locate her missing brother. Navigating a labyrinth of corrupt institutions, Henslowe discovers that the war he thought he'd left behind has followed him home ... and his life will never be the same.
The Quality of Mercy
When a ruthless gangster threatens his old military friend, hardboiled detective Paul Henslowe intervenes… only to find himself working for a client on the wrong side of the law.
The Lion that Stalks by Night
A student meets her grisly end in the woods, a secret cult convenes in the chapel crypt, and a furious food-fight erupts in the Great Hall. Can Rose and her friends find the murderer before it's too late? Follow the continuing adventures of the Barrow School Cycle in Glenn's new novella The Lion that Stalks by Night.
An Idle Dream, Quite Gone Now
Strange phenomena and a grim murder have the University in a panic. Who killed Jane and can he be stopped before he strikes again? Read "An Idle Dream, Quite Gone Now."
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