Star Trek Discovery - Season 3

This is my recap of episodes one to four of season three. My plan is to pick up on the general themes and overall story arcs of the new season and bring you recaps of several episodes at once.

The Discovery, you may remember from the end of season two, has gone through a wormhole travelling 1000 years into the future. They hope that when they get there they will discover life, as this will be proof that Control, the evil AI, has not eradicated all organic life. At this point I introduce my first bit of rampant speculation, is Control connected to the advanced AI from the future that nearly destroyed all organic matter in Picard? Let's discuss this in the forum.

Star Trek sure does love a big ol' space creature

Burnham arrives in the future first and quickly confirms there are life signs, she is ecstatic. She meets Book, a pleasing mix of Han Solo, Mal Reynolds and a kind of a space Steve Irwin with a British accent.

Due to the timey-whimey-ness of time, as you can tell I've read all of Professor Stephen Hawkings' books, the rest of the crew turn up, a few seconds after Burnham from their perspective. But for Burnham she has in fact been waiting a year. Not only does that mean a close relationship with Book, which may or may not end up being romantic, it means a new hair cut and a year’s worth of experiencing life as a courier. This involves transporting sometimes illicit cargo, usually space worms, for unscrupulous clients, this has hardened her a little and made her wary of falling back into the strict life of a starfleet officer.

The big reveal of the season is that the Federation no longer really exists, or if it does it is viewed as a legend, and no one knows where the headquarters are as they left Earth sometime ago. They faded into obscurity and lost authority after something called "the burn", not some form of STI, but a catacly