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Lower Decks at PhilCon!

We're thrilled to announce that Glenn will be participating in a panel discussion about Star Trek: Discovery at PhilCon on Saturday, November 17th.

PhilCon is at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The Star Trek: Discovery Panel is Saturday at 7:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom Two.

Glenn will also be giving away some Claytemple Media swag at the panel.

And this isn't all we're doing at PhilCon. The Gene Wolfe Literary Podcast will be recording a live show and giving away some books on Sunday at noon in Plaza III (Three). Glenn will be performing a reading of his horror story "Ginger Biscuits" and giving away some books on Sunday at 10:00 AM in Executive Suite 623. Brandon and Glenn are both on a panel discussing "How Different Ways You Read a Story Affect What You Get Out of It" on Friday at 7:00 PM in Plaza II (Two). Brandon will be on the 2001: A Space Odyssey Panel on Saturday at 4:00 PM in Plaza IV (Four).

We'd love for you to come hang out with us at PhilCon! Come to any or all of our appearances and be sure to say "hello" and pick up some swag.


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