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New Episode of The Gene Wolfe Literary Podcast: Snuffles by R.A. Lafferty - Live from LaffCon!

Live from LaffCon, Glenn and Brandon discuss "Snuffles" by R.A. Lafferty with Gregorio Montejo. Demiurges, gnosticism, and carnivalistic violence, oh my. Also, there's a bear.

We couldn't have done this live show without purchasing more recording equipment. And we couldn't have done that without the financial support of our patrons. We're so grateful that you were able to help us participate in such an exciting event, and we look forward to more convention appearances in the future. Thank you!

Up next: Finally, finally, finally -- The Fifth Head of Cerberus. Tell a friend. Seriously, tell a friend -- this is one of the best works for introducing Wolfe to new readers.

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