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The Changeling (Episode 4)
In Gene Wolfe
Jan 07, 2018
Hey all, First, I'm sorry I'm very far behind, as I'm just now making my way through all the reading and podcast content. Second, I'm so glad to have found this podcast, as I've been a big Wolfe fan for a number of years and am greatly enjoying your commentary and rapport. On to the good stuff. I know Marc has so helpfully pointed out the primary mysterious elements we were missing, but I'm still a bit confused about how Peter would ever have been significantly older than Maria in that timeline. He's certainly described as such by Papa, but perhaps this is tied to the theme of memory in a manner I can't identify yet, as there clearly are many lapses or distortions in Pete's throughout. Maybe this is addressed in the full explanation in his book, but I haven't read that yet. Another topic I wanted to discuss a bit was the presumed fairy-ness (or whatever they are) of the Palmers. I'm wondering if there's any hint as to what occurred to Pete's (adopted sorta?) mother and to his father if their true child lives at a single age in perpetuity. I hadn't actually thought about the ability of the father to bend large nails as a fairy-strength ability until one of the above posts, but it got me thinking about what gives them (or just Peter) their immortality. I had the idea, though no proof that perhaps this island somehow was a source of power and that Peter staying there for many years was perhaps linked to that. It's completely a shot in the dark, but I was so busy thinking about the effects of trauma after listening to you guys talk about it that I forgot to examine the story for any clues about the actual magic occurring. A totally trivial addition, every time you guys said the name Palmieri, it sounded like 'Paul-Mary' to me, which immediately got me thinking that Peter, as the good version of Pete (if a split theory applied), was some sort of trinity, Peter-Paul-Mary. I know this was me just having fun and probably not the intention, as that's not how I pronounce the name anyway. Anyway, I'm excited to be along for the ride and will be reading along with everything as best I can. Not sure exactly what the time-table is for Operation Ares, and while I'm trying to read along with the podcast, I'm also just reading The Book of Days through right now and might be doing that with the other collections. If there's any way to post a schedule ahead of time, that'd be amazing. I do know that listeners are helping to pick the stories though, so it may not make much sense. Keep it up, gentlemen! -Robby


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