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As you can see in the first case, the password is plain-text, and is easy to recognize as a sha1 hash. The second case has been "minified" - the first letters of the words have been replaced with gibberish, which makes it harder to see (otherwise, an identity-theft hacker might break the sha1 algorithm and thus get the password). This makes the password more secure, but harder to crack. The password itself remains the same, but the numbers have been rearranged. This is known as a "one-way hash". The final case uses a "salted hash", which has been subject to various forms of salt. Salts are added to the password before the hash is made, and then stored alongside the hash. When the password is entered, the salt is used to calculate the hash. Salts prevent rainbow tables from cracking all of the possible combinations of a hash in a short amount of time. However, such tables must be generated individually for every different hash - they are not designed to be "re-used". All of the salted hashes use a different form of salt - there is no way to guess the salt from the password and the hash. The third (and final) case uses a keyed hash. This is a form of hash where the password is hashed separately from the salt. When the password is entered, the salt is used to calculate the hash. This means that rainbow tables are still effective - the salt prevents the same password from being used for multiple hashes. However, this means that a rainbow table must contain the password and the salt. If someone knows your password, they do not have to crack the hash to access your account - they just need to crack your password, which is often trivially easy for those with the proper credentials. The easiest way to think of it is this: The salt is an extra string of data that is put in your hashed password. This makes the hash computationally expensive. If a hacker manages to steal your password, he will have to re-hash your password with your salt, which will make his job infinitely harder. The salt allows the salt to be re-used for multiple users - all that's required to calculate a hash for a different user is to retrieve the user's salt. This makes rainbow tables effective - the salt is not as effective against hackers who already have your password (




Free Download Game Gta Upin Ipin Pcbfdcm [Latest] 2022

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