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Jean Levant
Nov 30, 2020
In Gene Wolfe
I have good news for you, Glenn and Brandon : you have at least one French listener. Very good job you are doing with your podcasts, except that if Brandon could speak a little more slowly, it would be still better (for me). I really admire your professionalism while you know the audience must be so restricted, especially when you address such impenetrable matters like Sonya, Crane Wessleman and Kittee (I'm very fond of Storeys from the old hotel but certainly not this one). I know keeping all the time a high standard quality when you even don't know if there is someone to hear you in the whole universe is a hard task so I congratulate both of you because you achieve to do this. I wish you good luck and a vast audience (but it could take some times yet before your podcasts become famous) and I listed your site in my blog’s favorites, which could provide you with a couple more listeners. PS: the thing about Brandon's diction was a joke.

Jean Levant

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