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Goodbye to all that
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Daniel Falch
Mar 31, 2020
When I wrote this post initially I had binge watched the first 9 episodes and was still in a initial viewing high. Having seen the final episode and having time to consider the whole season my opinion has come down somewhat. Spoilers for whole season ahead I think that Picard’s death scene shouldn‘t have been done once they introduced the idea of mind transfer. It made a beautifully done scene cheap and pointless. If Picard had died and his last thoughts are the conversation with Data it would have been the most beautiful ending to a show possible. The motivation of the mind meld android baffles me still. I am also confused that none of the other androids have an opinion? Aren’t they all children of Data? I expected more from them. I agree about the 2 stories going on. I don’t think the writers had confidence in the Picard story so they added some action. To me the classic Trek version of this story is the Picard crew and Bruce Maddox questing and finding the system with 8 Stars and the planet there. Dealing with what they find there and the Romulans. They could have ditched shitty Romulan boyfriend and I wouldn’t have minded. They glossed over the fact that it seemed the Federation was creating a slave race of the synthetics until the Mars attack. Data the unique individual and a species of Datas is an interesting question to explore. I enjoyed this series while I watched it, but like most old people I don’t consider it own Trek. I don’t mind this state of affairs, I’m going to add some scenes of this series to great Trek moments in my memory and let the rest go as not for me.
Daniel Falch
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