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Is Discovery to Close to TOS?


I am feeling that Discovery is too reliant on connecting to TOS. I think Burnham's character would be more compelling to have been raised by Vulcans in a isolated location and not be spock's sister. A Vulcan ship got stranded and then a human ship also for same reason which killed her parents. She was then raised vulcan.


I have not seen any of season 2 yet. I may binge it when season is done. I was hoping that Saru would be the captain this season and the fact that Pike was introduced has cooled my interest. I love the ideas they explore. I would have preferred a Star Trek in it's own time, I dont need it to connect to TOS at all. Just my feeling so far.

Pike is amazing. I’m going to be sorry when he has to go back to Enterprise. Saru is even better than last year and I think he’ll grow under Pike a lot.

I also would have pitched something in a different era and I tend to react negatively to attempts to connect spin-offs and reboots to the original, but I'll second Karen by saying that Pike really has won me over. We haven't seen Spock yet and that doesn't seem to be imminent -- and we may never see him on screen with Burnham. So far, this season has started off really well and I'm excited for it.

Oh I think it is pretty imminent now. Plus, I don't think they would have released the spot last night if it isn't coming soon. I was also not keen on a pre-quel before DSC came out, but honestly, for me, it's been quite exceptional and is even bidding to push DS9 out of "favorite" after TOS (which simply is not rankable, it stands alone in my head as it's own enshrined thing - lol). I know I'm a bit easier than some because I feel like *I* get something a little different from each iteration, including Enterprise, that I really enjoy. Otherwise it would be 700 plus episodes of the same thing and would have worn thin for me. I feel like so far they have really hit a balance of "connection to TOS" and their own thing. All I really know is I feel terrible for the people making DSC because of the constant lashback, from what I actually believe is a fairly minor but loud and fairly organized group of people. I seem to see the same names and handles attached and directions back to just a few sources. But I would be quite discouraged I think if I was a person at any level of production and saw this constant barrage. No matter what they do. I kind of hope that from here on out they just do what they do and not "adjust* again, because I think it will begin to really affect quality, personally.

@Karen Chuplis Much agreed. I was pretty disappointed in the implicit apology the producers issued to a handful of bullies and I hope we've seen the last of it ... but at the same time I can't really fathom receiving threats of violence from people who don't like the way you decided to depict hair in your science-fiction TV show.

Also, whoa! Are you saying there was a Star Trek commercial during the Super Bowl? That's pretty awesome.

@Glenn a very short titillating bit that got on the twitter trend list.

Feb 4

I know someone who was threatened online, and he was very much affected adversely by it. Such a thing is not easy to ignore. I have given up on internet discussions of Disco after I was fiercely attacked for correcting a poster who had credited Ray Bradbury as being the creator of Star Trek. IMHO, complaints about inconsequential things like Klingon hair or lack of it, the use of the Klingon language, and communication via screens ! are all dog whistles for what it is really bothering these people. However few the bullies may be they are remarkably persistent and almost everywhere. I've only found one small youtube channel which takes as positive look on DSC. I'm mostly afraid that CBS will take the anti-fans to be an accurate representation of all fandom. After all, we're still awaiting a green light for season three, and I'm nervous.


Link to Super Bowl commercial:




Thanks for the link! It's hard to tune out the bullies and the naysayers, but I don't think there are as many of them as it the level of noise would suggest.

@Glenn I know there are not. I've been systematically checking profiles as they come through my feeds and the majority of them have connections back to the scourge channels on YouTube.

The threats for these things and the vitriol online (and at conventions, etc.) is really a shame, when it comes to Trek and to almost anything else on the internet. I follow quite a few accounts on Instagram that love DISCO, but that are constantly fighting off aggressors. So far, I feel very lucky that Glenn and I have been able to find a community that enjoys engaging with us in a more positive light, always coming from the perspective of a shared love for the values of peace, unity, and respect (infinite diversity in infinite combinations!) that Star Trek represents to us!

The CBS executive most behind Disco was fired. Another season is very much in doubt.

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I would say unless you are in charge at CBS, I don’t think you should be spreading rumors. This has been an ongoing attack line on twitter and with show runners openly saying there’s no official word yet but they anticipate a renewal it seems like a bad idea to perpetuate this without proof.

@Karen Chuplis Yeah, CBS is having all sorts of internal problems that have nothing to do with the creative content, so I don't think we need to worry. They brought Kurtzman on to be in charge of all of this and things are proceeding with the other shows in development. All of the timelines for the Section 31 show and the Picard show talk about scheduling around Discovery's third season, so certainly from Kurtzman's perspective there's an assumption that Discovery will continue.

@Glenn They seem to have really hit promotion this year in a more splashy way than I recall last year. I still feel like they wouldn't be developing Short Treks if Discovery is in trouble. There is an *awful* lot of static noise out there now, which has moved on from "not gonna pay" crowd to the they who shall not be named YouTube channels and personalities wreaking their damage. In other words it looks like it has moved from organic complaints to $$$ click bait complaints. On SocMed anyway.

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