Nov 15, 2017

I've found the forum


have I arrived stylishly late?? It's definitely not that i've just worked out the forum is not the facebook page.. Now i'm here I just want to say thanks to Valerie and Glenn for the greatest Discovery podcast in the universe (this one and the mirror, Though Glenn has a goatee in this universe) and thanks for supporting my blog for LSG media..

Nov 15, 2017

As a member of both Claytemple and LSG can I say glad to have you along even if stylishly late.

Nov 15, 2017

Yes, John, welcome! I need to do a better job of explaining where the forum is, I think, in the episodes. And, of course, thanks for the kind words and for your blog!

Nov 15, 2017

I think it's more my inability to follow basic instructions.. I claim it's because I exist on an artistic in the moment kind of way. (But it might secretly be a sign of age)

Nov 17, 2017

Welcome @JohnDeGruyther!

Nov 18, 2017

I fear that you are having t-shirts made ...

New Posts
  • I had missed some of the bonus content and am finally getting to your coverage of S1 ep1 Caretaker. I've really enjoyed it. I have seen the first 3 or 4 seasons back when they originally aired but haven't seen any since then. I can't say that Voyager stuck with me, it's my least favorite Trek. So my question for anyone is: What are the 5-10 best episodes of Voyager?
  • I am not the biggest Voyager fan. The series never lived up to the potential I thought it had. So my disappointment in it is all on my end as a viewer. That being said I recently watched the premiere episode again and was impressed by how good it was. The intro starts with a text crawl that looks like it came from a 16 bit video game. Its terrible. I don't think it was needed, some other contextual clue would have been better. The intro then drops us right in the action with Maquis being chased by Cardassians and disappearing. This is more action than most episodes get right off the bat. The main function of a premier is to show us the crew, the ship and the setting. Voyager does an excellent job introducing the crew. Disgraced officers, rebels and a mix of new and veteran Starfleet personnel promises for an interesting show. Captain Janeway is fully fleshed out from the get go, they did a great job making her character feel real for the audience. The cameo by Quark is also very well used, setting up a crucial friendship between Paris and Kim. They spend enough time and give us something about all of our main cast here which is a very strong start. The ship doesn't need alot of time and doesn't get it. It can't compare to the Enterprise so they don't try. It's a smart choice. The plot in how they ended up in the situation is where this gets a little thin. I actually think they would have been better served by making the alien more incomprehensible rather than a hologram that babbles. Janeway makes a difficult and understandable choice, but if I was a crewman I would be mightily pissed off. This is a strong start for the series and is the second best premier, after DS9, in my opinion. It was way lower for me prior to this rewatch, so I am somewhat surprised by Voyager here.

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