Feb 7, 2018

Emperor Georgiou? / Captain


Edited: Feb 7, 2018

Honestly, really are you kidding? I would not trust her to hold my puppy never mind give her any sort of power and control. This is the woman who clawed her way to the top of the empire, do you really think that she is doing this simply for some sort of freedom? She doesn't want freedom, she wants power. She is incapable of change, her reactions to Saru and Sarek show her hatreds and animosity have not dwindled. I would think they would only have strengthened along with her aggression in light of her altered circumstances. She wanted her blaze of glory exit and she has been denied, she is unlikely to forgive Burnham or the Federation for that.

Feb 7, 2018

Yup, this is the craziest plan ever. Also the stupidest. As Valerie pointed out, it's inconceivable that Sarek would go along with this.


I'm having trouble guessing what the writers are up to with this bizarre situation, but I have two candidates. One, Georgiou recognizes that in the Prime Universe she is really a Klingon and sees an opportunity to unite the Klingon Houses under her rule. Two, she wants to get back to the Mirror Universe before Discovery began to prevent Lorca's machinations, and this is how we get a reset.

Feb 7, 2018

Well as captain with access to the spore drive controls she could I suppose get back to mirror, however at the moment it seems that getting to any specific point in time might be more problematical and will have to require the collusion of Stamets and his intimate connection to the mycellium and more knowledge of how it works. I find the strange behavior of several of the people in the episode disturbing, Cromwell and Sarek both seem to be operating a bit rogue here and I wonder just how much everyone knows. I feel like everyone is keeping secrets and so no one knows the whole story and they are thus operating at cross purposes and this may hove tragic consequences when the plans collide, and the emporer could be there to pick up the pieces for her own benefit.


I do wonder what the members of the crew who were from the Shenzhou originally have taken this new Georgiou suddenly appearing and the rest of the crew who were just in the mirror and who really should know that she is in fact the emperor. Given basically that the whole crew of the Disco know who she really is what was the point of that introduction. If the plan is to pass her off to those who do not know about the mirror then it would have been more effective to inform the crew of the need for secrecy and that this is a cover story. The way it has happened is far more likely to spread rumor and suspicion.


Tilly is wonderful, smart, insightful and caring. It is becoming more and more obvious that there was great wisdom in pulling her out of the Academy and putting her to work in the fleet. She is a cut above the norm and her abilities are far better harnessed on the Disco than sitting in a classroom at Starfleet Academy. She is delivering such a great role here as the caring centre of disco and the agony aunt of outer space. Captain Huggy rather than Killy.

Feb 11, 2018

Thanks for the validation, kev may! I still have my fingers crossed for a re-set (one where the DISCO crew gets to keep their memories, maybe?), handled properly of course.


I’m having trouble comprehending everything going on with Georgiou, so I’m going to keep my mouth shut until after we get tonight’s finale. :)

Feb 12, 2018

Georgiou slinks of never to be heard from again?


I don't think so, there are probably plenty of humans who have the views that she has but are unable to express then in the Federation ( It is a bell curve after all). Can she start some sort of terrorist group to cause some trouble.


Would it be good to have her and Mudd together? Oh boy!


I suspect that unless there are real life complications to stop it that we may see her back.

Feb 13, 2018

I have high hopes for her! She's basically the Khan of this series, and she's going to get herself an army and get up to something nefarious.

Feb 18, 2018

You know, Glenn, I never quite thought of it that way!


Like kev may, I was fixated on all the rage that this plot point induced in me. But if I step back for a second and remember that I genuinely love seeing Michelle Yeoh on the show, I could be really fun to have her turn up every once and a while as a fun new villain. Something to look forward to!


I do think, however, that it’s still hard for me to see Terran Georgiou on screen. Like Burnham (and perhaps this is because the show pulls us so strongly into her point of view), I almost resent her presence, merely for giving me visual hope that Georgiou might live on while only confirming that she’s never actually been farther away.

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