Neil Gaiman

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6 days ago

You're aways away from there, I know, but given how ahead of time you record you may not be as far as I think. So I wanted to flag this little essay I wrote about (one page) of the issue. I'm pret
Oct 8

Small thought here as I am listening to the recent podcast on "THE SOUND OF WINGS." The Sandman story in general is about an unchanging character (Dream....literally "endless") who finds that he need
Oct 31

Fun episode! I thought that, in contrast to the first (where the second half of the issue was quite rushed) it was very balanced and a great discussion throughout. My favorite parts were the antiquit
Oct 20

Sigh. Y'all weren't taking up enough of my reading & listening time with Wolfe? Needed to snatch some more? I kid, I kid. I saw this forthcoming on your patreon feed (while not being a sufficiently

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