Gene Wolfe

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2 hours ago

As I try and catch up with podcasts and stories I missed I am constantly impressed with your ability to talk about religion in fiction that is insightful and nuanced. It is so refreshing to hear, than
Oct 25

I must admit this story puzzles me. First, I should say, I just didn't like the story that much (which I had never read prior to reading it for your podcast, and have now read twice). I didn't hate i
Oct 12

Hello, from indecisively sunny Tasmania! This is my first post, so I'd just like to say first and foremost that I am really enjoying the Wolfe podcast, which I started listening to after The Fifth He
Sep 28

We're excited to announce that our first patron poll to select stories for Glenn and Brandon to cover on The Gene Wolfe Literary Podcast is now live. To participate, become a patron on Patreon at th
Aug 12

God it's great to have the podcast back. A month feels like a long time, especially when you've been binging to catch up! I will say that while I loved your discussion of this story, I didn't like "
Jul 3

Does anyone know the term "post-postulate"? I've never heard it otherwise, a friend who is a mathematician never heard it, and google throws up really random results, i.e. not as a term, but just as
Jun 17

My overwhelming reaction to this episode was amazement & gratitude at how well it tied your reading of the novel together. In particular the way you tied your solution to the puzzle to the themes o
Nov 14

Damn that was a good story. I last read it in the 1970’s before I went to medical school (I am now an internist and geriatrician). It didn’t make much of an impression on me then, but it sure does now
Oct 24

My wife and I listened to this episode on the long drive back from a music festival this weekend. The podcast caused great discussion in the car, making the miles go that much faster. Jessica thinks
Oct 11

I finished reading the novella, enjoyed the Part 1 podcast, and look forward to listening to Parts 2 and 3. I have two observations about Part 1: - The first clue that the story isn't in the US is 'Th
Sep 25

I think for me this was really an interesting aspect of VRT after Veil's Hypothesis in Fifth head. This postulate if we read into it gives us a bit of insight into what actually happened after the fi
Jul 15

When I first read 5HC, I imagined the shadow children looked something like the orcs from Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings movie. Maybe it's the way the rotoscoping in that film made the orcs seem so
Jul 2

Since you highlight it in episode 70, I thought I'd share the link: I can't speak for
Jun 16

It took me a while to catch up, but was able to listen to this last series of podcasts (still partway through 70) while on long drives the last couple of days. I have to say, I am largely convinced b
Oct 29

( This was in the patrons-only podcast feed, but since it's a Wolfe story, I thought I'd post my comments on the episode here. If you're not a patron, sign up & give it a listen!) I think that Glen
Oct 21

I finally got around to your latest episode, and I wanted to say I enjoyed it, although I hesitated because I don't have answers to *any* of your questions! I feel like a kid who hasn't done his homew
Sep 28

The Gene Wolfe Literary Podcast is about to discuss “How I Lost the Second World War and Helped Turn Back the German Invasion.” I promised that if it was selected, I would share Gene’s story about how
Sep 7

A great discussion of a Gene Wolfe story that is one of my favorites — if by "favorites" you mean "I'd include it in a best-of volume", not, say, top 3. Still, I'm surprised it didn't make Best Of.
Jul 4

The notion of the "slingshot ending", which John Clute has appropriated as a critical term of art ( see here ), began in a thematically-appropriate small way as a remark by Kim Stanley Robinson in
Jun 23

So both KSR's Icehenge and Wolfe's Fifth Head are novels made up of interrelated novellas. KSR was, presumably, inspired by Wolfe (being a Wolfe fan, Wolfe's student at Clarion, a fellow contribu

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