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3 days ago

What an odd story! As with a few before it, I didn't enjoy this one much when reading it, but the discussion in the episode really helped put a better perspective on it. In particular I really liked t
Nov 8

Great podcast. About the political situation in the 1840’s there was in 1848 an outbreak almost simultaneously of revolutionwry reform of governments all over the place. The old monarchies were change
Oct 25

I really enjoyed the discussion of Clark Ashton Smith's "The Door to Saturn", even though I think your conclusions are suspect. Granted, CAS' fiction is an acquired taste, and his diction does not ap
Oct 7

I have to say, I absolutely loved this story. It completely exceeded any expectations I may have had going in, and I'm really looking forward to reading more or Kiernan's work. The story-crafting was
Sep 30

Wow, what a great double episode about a fantastic story! (And I'm very happy about the hints that your planning to do more of the King in Yellow stories.) I have a lot of thoughts, so I'll try to g
Sep 3

Again, an entertaining episode - the one about The Veld by Ray Bradbury. It's interesting how easily the thoughts about the 'mechanization and entertainization' of the house(hold) in the fifties (tv,
Jul 1

Another great episode and another fantastic writer I hadn't heard of. I have always loved old sea tales written when sails and steam engines were competing on the oceans. Conrad is one of my favorite
4 days ago

Just finished reading this story of Poe, and I haven't gone through the podcast yet, but I really liked this detective story by Poe, the story starts weirdly enough where we are given kind of info dum
Nov 6

What a bad story and what a nice episode about it. Although the story is not well written with respect to plot, conflict, tense, meaning, etc. it truly is a Le Fanu story: his writing style, his pu
Oct 25

I have to say, hearing Mr. Budda giggle his way through read some of that story is one of the best things I've ever encountered in a podcast. Hilarious. That's all!
Oct 7

What a great episode and what a great story! It was my first Kiernan story (but Kiernan always was high on my to-read-list), and now I definitely want to read more of her. I also liked it that another
Sep 21

Thanks for another great episode. I think the podcast rightly points at the ‘moral’ of the story as among other things, anti-conservatist and anti-bureaucracy/lethargy. I like the tale very much, w
Aug 31

The real horror of The Lottery is how rational and routine the ritual is. It's become so banal that it's origins are forgotten. Jackson must have been thinking about the Holocaust when she was writing
Jul 1

https://tvline.com/2019/06/30/the-sandman-series-netflix-neil-gaiman/ I didn't really know where to post this. This will be out after the podcast starts, maybe it will give a bump to the other podca
Nov 12

When I was young I didn't read much comics. In the Netherlands 'strips' (comics) were usually the well known comics from Belgium (Tintin, Spike and Suzy) or funny and/or dirty ones. I never really
Nov 5

Great episode. Whichever listener that recommended the story has great taste. I actually did recommend it because of the hot dog scene. That's also why I read it to my wife! Your cast really opened up
Oct 8

I've read this story a couple of times now and to be honest I don't like it much. But I'm going to try and find some positive things to say. The Bad My main problem is that this story hasn't really ag
Oct 4

Some stories I would love to hear reviewed on The Elder Sign podcast: 1) Anything by T.E.D. Klein, whose output has been low but whose stories have been consistently excellent. Especially the meta-HP
Sep 9

Thanks for the discussion of Out of the Earth by Arthur Machen. When I read it, I didn't really know what to make of it; I think I thought too much about other tales of Machen with (references to) lit
Aug 9

Miéville must have been 25 or 26 when he wrote Perdido Street Station. Likely a similar age when he wrote this short story. This is flippant disregard for Miéville's character, but, we were all y

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