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18 hours ago

Let us know what you thought of Dr. Wood's interview and his work on Isidore of Seville.
May 28

I've been interested in the history of the Islamic world since taking an intro class in undergrad. I just listened to Dr. Urban's episode of Agnus and found it to be absolutely fascinating. An inte
Oct 5

This is not directly related to a specific episode, but I thought this was an appropriate forum to elicit some discussion about a history that I am reading. Has anyone here read SPQR: A History of A
Sep 4, 2017

Let us know what you thought of Dr. Lynch's interview and her work on medieval education.
Oct 5

I have yet another small post of half-formed thoughts. I very much enjoyed the most recent episode where you all covered a perspective on Anglo-Saxon conversion to Christianity. Full disclosure: I

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